This website glimpses into my story and those of others that I love – stories about awakenings. To a life that is too fragile. A life that is both spectacular and ordinary from moment to moment and day by day.

It is about a girl and her desires.

A mother and her child.

A Father that became acutely aware of his temporary status; and then left us too soon.

It is about people and what they truly want from life – and why – and how to help everyone achieve whatever it is they are looking for.

NOW we are trying to figure out what we are about. And how to be more if it.

For sure this place is about a New Version of a Family that is forever-evolving, expanding and moving forward – spiritually and physically. It’s about a new sense of purpose and a place to do all the dreaming, learning, growing, and changing one might need.

and it is a place that wills each member to look ahead – as we never regret – but rather appreciate – our past.

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