Prayers from an Agnostic

Dear God, Goddess, Heavenly Father, All-Knowing Being, Creator of the Universes, Connector of All Things,

Hi. Hey There. Hello. – It’s me, Mary Phelan McChesney Toohey.

Maybe you already know that.

I’m not really sure how to greet you – or what to say at all actually.

I just have a lot on my mind lately and so if you exist and are the bright and good side of existence, then I thought I would give you a shout and see how it felt.

First I need to clear something up…

Let’s say you do exist. That’s amazing and in some ways explains so much, yet in others does not explain even more. Also, If you are this powerful all-knowing creator of all things then I would suspect you are pretty busy. So in terms of a chain of command, I am guessing you are, like, way up there.

SO my question is – can I just give you a direct shout out or do I need to submit a request through another entity first? I am pretty sure all the priests are backed up with requests right now, the spiritualists are all busy building their online-daily-video-meditation following and the preachers, well – I’m not sure – I think they are focused somewhere between parking lot communions and creating online donation platforms – so yeah – I am thinking that could take awhile to get through. Ya know, like my unemployment request over at the VEC or my daughters drivers license over at the DMV…. Things are not exactly moving quickly – or really at all these days. Hence my need to maybe chat with you.

*(Side note) The fact that I am even trying to talk to you if you do exist is just soooo typical of a human! To think we have a direct link to something that powerful – HA – Yeah – I am just so sure I am at the top of your to-do list today!!! Just really exemplifies how egotistical we truly are.

Ok – So let’s say you exist, AND you accept direct communication from someone like me. Check. Check. 

Next Question: How should I actually communicate? Are you a very formal God, like the Jewish or Catholic version? Are you a strict God? Do you talk to people at all who are not already devout? Are you a more chill and “go with the flow” kinda God like the Quaker version or maybe like I would imagine Buddha would be? Maybe you are not an actual being at all, but instead just a feeling or a spirituality that a person can come to possess? In that case, can I just talk to myself? I am pretty good at that TBH.

I feel like knowing all this would help me figure out how to talk to you – and what to expect in return.

ok – if you could just get back to me on that, I’d really appreciate it. Then we can start that chat I have been formulating in my mind over the last – IDK – 6-10 years or so…. should be a quick one – i’m sure we could knock it out in a 30 min Zoom call or something…




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