MoMo, Monkey and Mouse: An Anthology by Day



a Mouse.

In the House.

Quick – get the broom and the bucket

We will dispense of this little creature without haste.



Well. This is unpleasant.

So unpleasantness is what we will rain down on this world.

All forms a warfare will be enlisted.

It will be a sad day for the Mouse.

Wait, what was that noise?!?!

Maybe we will just sit on the bed all day praying we do not see or hear the creature again.


What Mouse?

There is no Mouse!

Not in my house!

I am not there to witness its defiance, dissonance, gluttonous behavior.

If a mouse exists in your house, but you are not there to see it, is it even there?

I think not.

I was imagining it.



As all Monday’s do – for all of time – both BM and AM (before and after mouse) – reality has set in.

Today the mouse dies. Or the house burns.

There is no third option. We must pick one and resign to the fate.

One thought on “MoMo, Monkey and Mouse: An Anthology by Day

  1. Be glad it is not a palm rat! Had one.Stood on a chair screaming so loud Barney said it ran into the next county.

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