Things you Learn About Yourself – and the People you Live W/ During Quarantine:

How often other ppl in the house ‘low key’ feed random food to the dog is appalling.

The amount of milk people put on their cereal varies greatly….and yes, It matters!!! Sean practically eats cereal dry. It’s Disgusting!

Which family member *would* actually make it through a zombie apocalypse.
(Answer is Hannah in our house – she would emerge months later once a vaccine was found, having subsisted on packaged food and video games wondering where everyone was).

Who handles boredom best. Again, Hannah for the win.

Sean wins the, “I can-stay-self-motivated-no-matter-what” award.

I really have been under watering my plants – for like my whole life.

Hanging art correctly is my special superpower. I have been doing it for two weeks all over the house and it is making me quite happy.

My dog really was meant to live outside with like a whole pack of other animals (humans, squirrels, birds, cats, dogs, whatever). After all this is over if he has to spend 8-12 hours a day in the house alone – like 4-5 days a week – it might be the worst thing I could ever do to him.

Sean literally must keep the half lemonade-half iced tea drink industry afloat. I have never bought so much of that stuff.

You never notice how dirty corners of your floors or ceilings are until you have stared at them everyday for like 35-flipping-days. (Hannah and I have been hiding out since March 6th -Sean has been working most of that)!!!!!!

My dog has a lot of moods.

My neighbor’s kids are so cute and sweet, yet I forget how much children cry and fight over the most random things. All. The. Time. I think All mamas deserve a daily award ceremony for making it thru another day. Like maybe hunger games style so the other mamas know they are still out there surviving it!!!!

The week we thought Sean had COVID-19 reinforced my knowledge that I could never be a nurse.

I have turned into the nosy neighbor -peering out her windows day and night – who also thinks everyone drives too fast down our street.

Sean cannot follow verbal step by step directions. I would crush him at Simon Says!

The musical and movie taste disparities within the household have never been more pronounced. Now that all the basics have been exhausted within each Genre, we are left with purist forms – and the group is NOT here for it. *Also, we need more TVs and private spaces in this house.

The people who do not clean the things have no concept of their usage volumes of the things. Every time someone uses a dish or glass instead of a paper product I glare at them while I think “I’m going to shove that”….well you get the point. *Also, yes, my eco-friendly practices are all to hell. I am using paper products as much as possible-I have caved under the pressure of germs and the sheer volume of cleaning, laundry, dishes, trash, etc. – so shoot me!!!!!

My daughter is a way better card player than me.

No one thinks their thing that they are doing is loud or disturbing, but EVERYONE thinks everyone else is for sure LOUD and DISTURBING!

Anyone who wears non-sleepwear clothing is now assumed to be a contagion and must be de-germed in the garage before entering the house. Everyone else looks at that person like they are something out of The Grudge until they have changed into some form of PJs.

Zoom Happy Hour is mommies private time and it’s not OK to butt in…. and yes everyone really follows that rule to the T… and if you believe that I have some essential oils that I bought from a guy on CBN that will protect you from all viruses known to man. Just Venmo me $189 and I will send them your way.

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