what it takes to survive challenges

flower in snow


People Who Care About YOU.

I recently have been thinking about this a lot because I am trying to help find ways to show/teach/encourage my daughter to thrive and survive these different stages of life she is travelling through. And the more I think about it. The more I realize that in reality I have no idea how I got through all the things I did in my life. Everything I start to write feels like another BS self-help book. And yes, you do need a lot of those things to recover from tough times or to push through challenges. However, first you need the will to even try. And that most likely does not simple well-up inside you without first a little spark of hope… and that hope, spark, will, motivation – whatever you want to call it – most likely came from someone else passing it to you. It could be the most simple thing (seeing a stranger who is very much “worse-off” than you fighting for themselves) or it could be a major person in your life stepping in when they realize you need help (mom to the rescue / or BFF standing by for support)! Whatever that person is to you, or that moment is that sparks you – it did not come from you alone. You Had Help.

The truth is, without other people around you who give a damn about you and will help you when you need it, I think it’s almost impossible to be successful, thrive, survive, be happy. Life is really, really, really hard and you need people near you that love you in order to help get you through. Period. Has to happen. If you do not have that kind of support system in your life the set-backs become too difficult to manage on your own. And yes, everyone has difficult times. Some may seem smaller or less serious than others, however each individual faces their own forms of setbacks, challenges and turmoil in their life. The question is, do you have someone there beside you who can help you get that situation in check? Help you put it in perspective. Help you talk through how to handle it – or even better – maybe even be able to relate to you and share how they overcame a similar struggle? Never-mind financial support, or educational support that comes from having a parent, friend, relative, loved one who whomever there to help you who has the ability to do so!

That song “I would be nothing without you” is 10000000000% true. None of us would be who we are without the people who were around us helping us along and bringing us forward through our tough times and then celebrating and encouraging our good times.

If there is one thing you can do for yourself and for those around you, it would be to take a moment and really think about this and place this knowledge in perspective with who you are and why you are where you are. And to know that: 1. You did not get there alone 2. You have a responsibility to be that person to someone else.

Thank you to all who loved me, helped me and allowed me to be successful – and to those who will continue to do that for me for many years to come I am sure. I feel confident that you have instilled enough of that in me that I can also do that for the people I love. And I will.

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