she is soft and hard

“Well she is your daughter,” said my friend Lisa as we talked yet again about my girl Hannah – a 35 year old woman trapped in a 17 year old body. It’s true, I knew it when she said it. I know it now. Hannah is an old soul, wise beyond her years, and has experienced pain and loss already – by age 15 – that some never experience in their whole life.

How do you protect and nurture a child who does not believe herself to be a child or need help? The answer is, you don’t. She must determine that she needs and wants the help. She must learn how to ask for help. She must suffer until she no longer wants to suffer. She must walk alone, on her own, feeling that no one can help her but herself. And then one day, once she realizes that no one actually does everything on their own. She will reappear. Ready for help. Wanting to walk together. Hoping someone is still there to show her the way. And I will be there. I will always be there. Waiting for her to come back to me.



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