Try to Stay “Up” When you Really Feel Down

In light of so many things swirling around the universe right now pertaining to depression I thought I might take a moment to share some things I do to help me when I am having a hard time getting through (or starting) my day. Mornings can be the hardest. Getting started with your day is often overwhelming so I have learned to prep myself with motivating tasks, visuals and activities. Here are a few.

1. Stupid little sayings all over the house…. They sometimes annoy me but often make me smile, pause, breathe and move ahead. Here is one spot. My Fridge:




2. A week or so ago I had shared another strategy – daily affirmations. Again – slightly cheesy but often a source of re-centering myself and thinking about how I want to attack my day.
My windowsill in kitchen:


The fortune basket is just another little way I help my mind when I needs some direction.


3. Having quiet time (and a quiet spot) each morning to read and sometimes write.


This is my spot. I sit here with the window open, usually no matter the weather,  and read in the morning. Sometimes I write, like today, but usually I just read. And drink my coffee. In silence. And peace.


4. Make lists. Some folks say this can cause more anxiety or stress (and certainly is the source of some teasing in my family) but for me it helps me get things out of my mind and onto something that I can use later for direction. It can be very cathartic.


This is a “to-do” and a grocery list that I made this morning…I immediately felt better knowing all that was on paper and I could use it later as needed.


5. A clean sink. Sounds slightly 1950s – I know – however accomplishing that small (or sometimes large) task makes me feel good and motivates me to start my day. While it is last on this list it is usually the first thing I do: The animals are fed and outside, coffee is brewing and I take 5 minutes to clean the sink out and start the day “fresh.” The symbolism can’t get much more obvious than that. Plus my Buddha and “fortune basket” are right there so when I finish I can take my first sip of coffee, smile at Buddha, who seems quite peaceful and happy in his current state, maybe read a fortune or two, and then move on to the next part of my day.


The simplicity of it all makes it seem too easy and yet that is why it works.

Taking the most simple of tasks and inserting meaning and purpose is what you often need. It helps to get you moving, thinking, feeling, accomplishing and being present as a normal human within your day.

Go find those two or three simple things that you find comforting or motivating and try to begin your day with them. Start off on the right foot and (sometimes) it will carry you through your whole day. If it doesn’t, that’s OK, many of us have been there. Sometimes no matter what you do you know it’s just going to be a rough day. When those days come try to make a plan to visit with a friend or family member later in the day – either a quick coffee, lunch or after work/dinner catch up to look forward to usually helps me move through the tasks of the day.

I hope this little peek into my mind and world helps you somehow, someway or with someone you love. Share your tips as well, or your struggles. Do not be afraid to say how you feel and what you feel. Many are listening and might be able to help.


Hugs, Love and Peace.

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