Beautiful Words From Strangers

I received this link today to a wonderful blog from my preacher as he spends a few weeks in Africa (as he does regularly) with a team of people doing amazing things. Here he shares some simple and wonderful words from a connection he has there named Simon. Enjoy.

An Excerpt:

“The heart of a man is so big that nothing can fill it.” 

“Do you believe that, pastor? Do you believe that a man’s heart is so big that he can never fill it? I worry that it is true and if it is true then I, first among man, am guilty.” 

Strange words from a friend who has come to grips with more in his life than most could ever imagine. Come to grips with no real formal education.  Come to grips with abject poverty. Come to grips with abandonment. Comes to grips with chronic mental illness. Come to grips with that deep feeling of loneliness. Come to grips with being emptied time and time again. 

Simon Says | Tree of Lives.

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