Can She (want to) Learn for Herself?

I believe children love to learn. However, you must first find out what inspires and excites them and then figure out how best they learn.

Un-schooling, hacking-school, homeschooling, children-driven curriculum – whatever you want to call it – I don’t care. The fact of the matter is that most of the time, in many classes and schools, the children are bored. No, I don’t fault the schools or teachers – they are doing what they can with the limited resources and time they have. It is a parents job to inspire and drive their children to expand their minds. Does that mean I think we should not have public schools any more – NO – of course not – but I do wonder if we need them to look ANYTHING like they do now. Why can’t they change? Why can’t kids and parents be more involved in designing an appropriate curriculum and environment for their children to learn?

This is an older theory from the 90’s – but I still think it rings true. If your child is on the bottom half of this ladder can we ever be certain they will have learned at their maximum capacity? I don’t think so.



Next year we will take a year off from “school” and hit the refresh button on Hannah’s mind, body and soul. She will spend time doing what she wants to do in regards to her education. I think the irony will be that she will be busier than ever.   Next time Hannah steps into a classroom (whatever that may look like) it will be because she wants to be there.

I look forward to this journey. We both do. Which for me, is proof that we should start.



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