But First, I am a Mother.

A child is only a child in her mothers eyes. In her own eyes she is already a woman.

My child, who thinks she is a woman is trying to grow up too fast and trying to find her way on her own. I cherish watching this journey. Yet it hurts to see the failures on the horizon thar she cannot see. I feel blessed to have a child to watch through the good and the bad. I love her so much it hurts most days. I never knew that would feel more powerful than the other loves I have felt in my life but it does.

I have always been proud of my independence. I rage against the opinion that I need to rely on others for support. Only by choice. Never by necessity.

 Regarding independence, she is the same as me in so many ways. Yet also so different. It’s like studying 2 flowers that are the same type but different stems….so similar yet so many small differences that add up to a completely different flower. 

Is my newest job as a mother to watch her struggle and fail and yet still support and love her for who she is no matter what?

This might be my hardest job yet. 

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