Oh Time, Where Have You Been?

Greetings friends, family and blog universe! 

I was so proud of myself for getting two posts out the week of May 19-23 so that the next week when we had Memorial Day holiday, I could breathe and focus on all the crazy things that happen when you have a shortened holiday work week. And so I did. And then 2 weeks went by. How did that happen? So now, in true anxiety-laden, procrastinator fashion, I was tempted to just toss the baby out with the bathwater and scrap this whole “weekly” blog Idea. HA.

BUT – I am not going to do that. Instead, I am going to look through some of my rough drafts and notes on my fiction short stories and find something fun to publish. Stat. And in the meantime, lets chat about how and why our time seems to get sucked away so quickly and our to-do lists seems to stay full…. whats up with that!?

So Anyway, While I am writing I might as well share a little about why I think time is always in fast-forward – Last week was nuts and this week is getting there. The time passes and I think  a day or two have gone by and it’s really a week. How does that occur? I feel like my life generally seems so normal, but then when I dig deeper I realize that it vacillates between crazy awesome things and crazy stressful things and THOSE end up balancing out into normal… so Is that normal or is that just a whole lotta crazy? As I said, since Memorial Day Weekend/Week kicked off things have been both awesome and crazy! We did lots of nothing and lots of fun things and lots of busy things and lots of stressful things.


Visited my mom's garden one day last week!

Brewery openings, New X-Men


Movie night

movie, cookouts, a sunset dinner with my lovely 93 year-old grandma,


Dinner w gma

gardening, shopping, bill paying, grocery shopping, lots of house cleaning, lots of arguing with my teen to help with the house cleaning, lots of Dr. Appts for both Monk and Poppy… On top of all that the house was still under scaffolding while it is being painted
(which is so awesome, yet so stressful – especially when you have a flooded basement from some crazy rain deluge the week prior, 4-5 adults and 4 fur-babies and one teen trampling in and out of the house all the damn time while there is paint, dust, dirt and god knows what else laying all around the exterior of the house. No amount of drop cloths will save you from that chaos).I am happy to say that the painting is now completed and I am IN LOVE with my pretty bright green and blue house.

My BFF came over last Friday for a “Front Porch Happy Hour” drink and drove right by…. (BTW -that is a good sign)! Before my house looked like a pair of somewhat dirty, well-worn Keds (the white ones from our childhood – not the pretty colourful ones they have now). It was surrounded by weeds and dead grass and usually had a lot of junk and too much furniture on the front porch (think Clampetts – and yes we had a sofa on the front porch). To be fair about the cluttered front porch issues… I do live in the south where front porch furniture is a required tool for all neighborhood communication. It’s like a wicker and floral print version of a listserve… sit there long enough and you will know everything going on in your neighborhood, and the next one – Plus whats happening at all the local schools, pools, clubs, sports teams and camps – especially now that its spring time and everyone has come out of hibernation.

SO – BACK TO THE TOPIC AT HAND – Time – where does it go…. It also goes into things like visiting a children’s specialist to determine why my sweet child keeps having such terrible stomach and digestion issues. We met a wonderful (and very pregnant) Rana Ammoury, MD she was AWESOME! She is so cute and petite and looked like she literally had a basketball under her shirt (you know those pregnant ladies – right – don’t even look like they are about to have a baby in a few weeks other than the little basketball defying gravity in their shirt)… adorable. She was very wonderful with Monk tho.   and now, tomorrow, we go in for a colonoscopy and she is ready and it will all go very well. This I know.  

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