Off the blogging path…

So I have been on a bit of a writers walk off the beaten path the last few weeks. Instead of writing on my computer about real-life random things bouncing around in my head, I have been writing on paper, about random things bouncing around in my head, that are fictional. Like little short stories. Bits and pieces of other stories. Ideas for stories etc etc etc… I have no idea why I have been doing that. I never wrote fiction before. Always journal format, real life stuff. So this has been fun. But a little strange. Plus I have decided that I write like a Dr. who is in a hurry, after a bottle or two of wine… who knows if I will be able to go back and actually read or use any of this later. We shall see.  I am wondering where / how / If I should share it? Maybe a new blog that is fiction short stories? Maybe find a writers club? I am terrified to let anyone read this stuff… Is that normal? I can blab all day long about my personal stuff but the moment I write a poem or a fictional story I lock it away and never share a word? I am a strange bird as my mother would say.


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