Why Can’t You Just Quit Your Job?!


Has your child ever asked you that? Begged you not to leave them, as if you were abandoning them in some barren wasteland where they will surely parish?! It’s Monday Morning and you are in the car… they plead with you the whole ride Not to take them to be dropped off at ________ (insert perfectly great caregiver or school name here).

Yes, of course they have. We have all heard it and worked through it with them, and with ourselves.

The fact of the matter is that according to a nifty little article I found on HuffPo (see link below) the 2010 census tells us that, at the time of the survey, 67% of moms worked outside the home – and that has not changed much since.  But, then you read that a 2013 pew research study shares that only 32% of moms want to work full time outside the home. That means like 35% of moms out there working to bring home all/most or even half the bacon would rather not. What do they want to be doing?  Whatever it is – it is clear to me that when your little one begs for you to play hookie with them, it’s probably pretty hard for a lot of us to come up with a good reason to say no!

Wow, imagine for a moment all those moms, out of the workforce…. what would we do with ourselves? eat bon bons? Get mani/pedis once a week? I don’t know… maybe. But my guess is that most would probably still be pretty dang busy. They might even not mind working part time, or full time yet with more flexibility in their schedule or maybe even working from home 60-75% of the time.

I know that is where my head is right now. I am almost ready to call one of those 1-800 numbers that promotes “work from home only 4 hours per day for $1000 a week!” Ha! I know too good to be true when I see it – but I am looking for a solution. I NEED a solution. Being out of the house 10+ hours a day and hoping homework gets done, bills are paid, there are actual clean towels to dry off with in the bathroom – when you need them – would be great! Also, not to mention it would be good if we all got enough exercise, sleep and nutrition – and not have to wonder if the leftovers are too “leftover” for one more decent meal. Really. Seriously. This is me every day. I got 99 problems and ….. well you know…

Lets pretend that anyone who did not want to work outside of the home could make that choice. What could that mean for our families? 35% Less of us in the workforce would mean it would be harder for companies to fill seats, right? That means more choices for jobs and more competition between employers which would likely equal better compensation and benefits for those who stay out there to work. This could possibly off-set some of the loss of income by one family member staying home. Plus we have to assume, the increased time and resources available from all those moms and dads at home within schools, churches and neighborhoods could do wonders for our community and families. Am I sounding a little 1950’s leave it to beaver right now?! Maybe I am – and most of my friends love to  tease me about how liberal and feminist I am. So let me be clear. If you want to work. You have every right to hold any job, anywhere and get equal pay for equal work. Also if dad or the other mom in your partnership wants to stay home and run the asylum – heck yea – I am all for that, too! But someone needs to be there. At my Home. More than we are now.  We have outsourced our home and families needs and now spend all of our time working to make money to pay for all of those services, goods and materials we need to run this gauntlet. The one most important resource that could help reduce all those outsourcing costs by a ton is you. Be it mom or dad, someone needs to be CEO of your Abode. In my mind the sooner I figure out how to do this the better!





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